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DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ (v3.0)(used)
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DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ (v3.0)(used)

Brand: DJI
Product Code: Phantom 2 Vision Plus
Availability: Out Of Stock
Weight: 1.50 kg


Now you can shoot fully stabilized video from the sky, right out of the box.

A built-in high precision 3-axis camera stabilization system brings a whole new level of smoothness to your aerials and gives you total creative freedom in the sky.

The integrated GPS auto-pilot system offers position holding, altitude lock and stable hovering, giving you constant smooth flight so you can focus on getting the shots you want.

Program a flight path using your smartphone with our 16 waypoint Ground Station system. Tilt the camera up and down, take photos and shoot video all while the Phantom 2 Vision+ flies autonomously.

Keep track of current flight telemetry and see what your Phantom sees on your mobile device.

The Phantom 2 Vision+ carries an extremely high quality camera and a removable 4GB micro SD card. It shoots full HD video at 1080p/30fps and 720p/60fps, giving you crystal clear video and the option for slow motion shots. Photos are shot at 14 megapixels.

Tilt the camera as you fly, creating unique angles and amazing shots.

DNG RAW photo capture means all original image information is retained for powerful post processing.

An Adobe lens profile for barrel distortion removal is available for the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ camera.

Camera settings including Picture Quality, ISO, Exposure Compensation, White Balance, and capture Format can be adjusted through the VISION app.

Beam photos and videos from the Vision+ straight to your phone using Wi-Fi. No computer required.




Supported Battery DJI 5200mAh LiPo Battery
Weight (Battery & Propellers included) 1242g
Hover Accuracy (Ready to Fly) Vertical: 0.8m; Horizontal: 2.5m
Max Yaw Angular Velocity 200°/s
Max Tiltable Angle 35°
Max Ascent / Descent Speed Ascent: 6m/s; Descent: 2m/s
Max Flight Speed 15m/s (Not Recommended)
Diagonal motor-motor distance 350mm



Operating Environment Temperature 0℃-40℃
Sensor size 1/2.3"
Effective Pixels 14 Megapixels
Resolution 4384×3288
HD Recording 1080p30 & 720p
Recording FOV 110° / 85°


Range Extender

Operating Frequency 2412-2462MHz
Communication Distance (open area) 500-700m
Transmitter Power 20dBm
Power Consumption 2W



Working Current Static : 750mA; Dynamic : 900mA
Control Accuracy ±0.03°
Controllable Range Pitch : -90°-0°
Maximum Angular Speed Pitch : 90°/s


Remote Control

Operating Frequency 5.728 GHz-5.85 GHz
Communication Distance (open area) CE Compliance: 400m; FCC Compliance: 800m
Receiver Sensitivity (1%PER) -93dBm
Transmitter Power CE Compliance: 25mW; FCC Compliance: 100mW
Working Voltage 120 mA@3.7V
Built-in LiPo Battery Working Current/Capacity 3.7V, 2000mAh



System Requirement Of Mobile Device iOS version 6.1 or above/ Android system version 4.0 or above
Mobile Device Support
  • iOS recommended: iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPod touch 5 (available but not recommended: iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini)
  • Android recommended: Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note 2, Note 3 or phones of similar configuration


What are the differences between Phantom 2, Phantom 2 Vision and Phantom 2 Vision+

The Phantom 2 Vision+ is our latest model, and our most complete package. It features a high quality camera, precise 3-axis camera gimbal, FPV flying (you see what camera sees) and ground station with waypoint flying. You can use the FPV and Ground Station via the DJI VISION App through a smart phone (iOS version 6.1 or above/ Android system version 4.0 or above). And you do not need to add anything else.

Phantom 2 Vision has basically the same features as the Vision+, except the Vision does not have the 3-axis camera gimbal. Because of this, the camera may not be as stable and steady in some conditions.

The Phantom 2 does not include a camera or gimbal, but can be purchased with the H3-3D gimbal as a single package. This gimbal can hold GoPro cameras, so this may be the right choice for you if you want to use your own camera to shoot footage. The Phantom 2 also does not support FPV flying or ground station waypoints without extra accessories.

The latest Phantom 2 Vision+ and Phantom 2 comes with the new remote controller, new propulsion system and new compass.

Can GoPro camera be used in Phantom 2 Vision+?

No, it is not possible to use a GoPro camera with the current configuration of the Phantom 2 Vision+. We do not recommend attempting to reconfigure the system to work with any other camera.

Do you need Wi-Fi to use the Phantom 2 Vision+?

A Wi-Fi network is built into the Phantom. You connect to this network with your mobile device when using the Phantom. No outside Wifi connection is needed.

Can I use an iPad rather than an iPhone for the FPV and ground station?

Yes, you can use iPad instead of iPhone as the FPV screen via DJI VISION App, you need to download the App in "iPhone" category from the App Store of the iPad. An Internet connection is required to download the map for the ground station feature (waypoints flying). If flying in an area without internet access, you can cache the map by viewing it when an internet connection is available.

Will the camera show views straight down?

Yes. The camera's tilt control can be set for shooting straight down.


Product details

The Phantom 2 Vision+ White 14MP, 1080p Camera from DJI is based on the same air frame as the Phantom 2 and Phantom 2 Vision. Unlike its siblings, however, it features a 14 MP camera that is stabilized and controlled with an integrated 3-axis gimbal. Gimbal stabilization makes the Phantom 2 Vision+ ideal for shooting aerial footage and photos. The camera can take 14 MP, Adobe DNG RAW photos, and can record video in 1080p Full HD at 30 fps or 720p at 60 fps for creating slow motion effects.
The Phantom 2 Vision+ ships ready-to-fly, meaning that a radio controller--often referred to as a transmitter is included with it and is pre-bound to the aircraft and that only minimal assembly using common household tools is required. It features a 5,200 mAh battery that can sustain the quadcopter in the air for up to 25 minutes. 
The transmitter features a line-of-sight range of up to 2625', depending on conditions. The camera is controlled via 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi using an app available for iOS and Android devices. Using the supplied mount, you can attach your smartphone directly to the controller, giving you a "heads up" display directly from the camera's point-of-view. From the app you will also be able to start and stop video recording, take a snapshot and even tilt the camera up or down.



Specifications of DJI Innovations Phantom 2 Vision+ (v3.0) Flying Camera White

What's in the box:

  • 1X Phantom 2 Vision+ Quadcopter
  • 1X Remote Controller
  • 3X Battery
  • 3X Props
  • 1X AC Adaptor




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