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Headlamp Polisher
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Headlamp Polisher

Product Code: HLP
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Just like us humans who need a good soul pampering and spa treatment every so often to keep our body’s well-maintained, automobiles too require the periodic scrub-a-dub maintenance to regain its luster.

Give your car a professional gloss, piercing pretty eyes with a Car Head Lamp Polisher UV Oxidation Remover Spray for RM39!
The innovation of “It’sSoEasy” headlamp solution is to solve the problem for 90% of motorist today, whose polycarbonate car’s headlamp cover turn yellowish due to UV oxidation. Polycarbonate is a hard clear plastic transparency which is resistant to a certain degree of scratch making it suitable for headlamps. But in tropical countries like Malaysia, the strong UV rays tarnishes polycarbonate to a yellowish and cloudy state. This causes dimness to headlights and becomes a danger to motorist on dark roads and highways especially on rainy nights.

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