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Heatvape Coil jig (Not Kuro or Coilmaster) Coil Winding Tool Kit with 5 Coil Diameters
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Heatvape Coil jig (Not Kuro or Coilmaster) Coil Winding Tool Kit with 5 Coil Diameters

Brand: Heatvape
Product Code: HV-CJ
Availability: In Stock
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Heatvape RDA Coiler / Coil Winding Tool Kit with 5 Coil Diameters


Product Introduction

Heatvape RDA Coiler Winding Tool Kit with 5 Coil Diameters is a smart and intelligent design from Heatvape, this coiler comes with a brand new DIY tool for experienced users with the capacity of better rebuilding coils and vaping experience.

This kit offers five diameters sizes for coil: 3.5mm  3.2mm  2.5mm  1.6mm  1.0mm.



Length: 88mm

Diameter: 11mm




The product comes with

  • 1 x Heatvape Coiler
  • 1 x Operation Guide

Simple packing. Customary Packing from the factory,the packing is subject to change without notice.


Please assemble the coiler as the picture when not in use.

1. Part 1 contains 5 different items (a)

2. Part 2 contains 5 different items (b)




How to use:


Before Winding
1. Assemble 1 pc of (a) to the other side of Part 1
2. Assemble 1 pc of corresponding (b) to Part 3
3. And then combine Part 1 and Part 3 together

Notice: There are 5 different diameters in total that matches (a) with (b)



How to build your coil

1. Insert the wire coil through Hole (c)

2. Place the wire under Bolt (d)

3. Unroll Bolt (e) slightly and then tighten it back under Bolt (e)

4. Wind the wire carefully making sure it does not overlap



Take off the coil and cut the remaining part with a convenient tool


  • Place a keyring in your Coiler if you want to take it always with you.


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